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App Shows Herpes Outbreak Post Coachella, Health Officials Deny

According to the health officials from Southern California, they have not seen any rise in the number of Herpes patients. They were checking for the number of such patients while the Coachella Music Festival was ongoing in the last weekend.

There was a link found between the festival and the outbreak of the disease in South California. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. An application which has been designed to detect this disease stated that there has been a 10- fold increase in the number of such patients during the music festival.

The app is known as HerpAlert. It helps people diagnose themselves for herpes and get treatment for the same. It can help people with other types of sexually transmitted diseases as well. The app found large number of people asking for prescriptions.

Alexandra Harbushka, who is the spokesperson from HerpAlert, informed they have received 1105 consultation requests on the electronic device. These requests have been received just in 13 days. The requests started pouring in right from the weekend in which the music festival took place. She also informed that most of these consultation requests came from people who were previously infected with the disease. These people already had used the app to get medication for flares, while others have used the app to check whether they have any cases of herpes or cold sores.

The app is quite easy to use. Patients need to fill up a list of questions related to the symptoms they have in relation to herpes. They also need to provide an image of the lesion or scar, which occurs at the area around the genital or near the mouth. Harbushka informed then a doctor from the team investigates the case based on the provided information. The medication is provided just within few hours of reporting the health issue.

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