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China Watches Carefully, As Western Democracies Succumb

It is believed that in the upcoming months, the former and the present superpowers of the world can do some amount of self-harm. The major victims of this tussle are going to be the democracy while the prime suffers might be the 4 billion of people who reside in these democracies.

United States of America and United Kingdom are seemed to convulse. At the same time, China seems to keep a close look on the affairs. China’s current initiative, which is known as Belt and Road Initiative, has attracted several companies. While all these countries the interested in utilizing the lucrative offer from China, the country progressed a step forward towards world dominance. The initiative will help China build strong ties with other countries. The projects involve development in infrastructure, improvement in transport and reliability. This flagship initiative from the President of China, Xi Jinping is supposed to bring the countries across the world under its economic power.

China has tempting offers for the countries; the future supper power is offering opportunities of increased business and also contracts to develop the countries. This is the exact same proactive followed by empires where they try to create a chain of dependency. This seems to be the best time for Beijing to take this step because on the other hand, United States and United Kingdom are dwelling with their own political crisis.

United States will now become more involved in the Presidential elections. Donald Trump and his team will be busy promoting themselves against the Democrats. United Kingdom is also busy trying to get a healthy exit from European Union; the nation seems to be quite struggling in this matter.

China is getting ahead amidst this democratic crisis. The autonomous leaders of the country (who are mostly unelected by the people) are using technologies like AI to control the economy.

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