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Lack Of Sleep, Work Stress, And High BP Combined Lead To Early Death

According to a study done by German researchers, the combination of excessive job-related stress, hypertension, and resulting insomnia can prove to be fatal and cause of premature death in people.

The study was done on 2000 workers who were a known patient of high blood pressure with a follow up of almost 18 years. They reported having a job which caused them a lot of stress and even made them lose their sleep over it. The chances of them contracting an early heart disease were almost 3 times of someone who slept well and had a stress-free job.

The 3 deadly combinations can be considered as a potent risk factor for a number of diseases like a brain stroke, kidney diseases, premature heart failure, and heart attack etcetera. According to Dr. Gregg Fonarow from the University of California, a direct association has been found between cardiovascular risks and work stress and insomnia is an added risk factor to it. Patients suffering from hypertension who had more work pressure were two times more likely to die early than the ones with a similar condition and only lack of sleep.

Dr. Karl-Heinz Ladwig, who was the chief researcher of the study, is of the opinion that sleep helps a person recover from all the stress from the day and experienced at work is very important to combat its harmful effects. However, both the situation seems to be interrelated as the pressure itself does not let a person fall asleep and maintain the slumber. An easy situation at work would mean having control over the decisions taken and an appropriate demand. This situation might even turn out to be healthy. Some experts believe that companies should introduce methods for employees to relax in between work in order to curb the negative effects of the situation.

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