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Study Suggests No Link Between Diet And ADHD In Kids

It is natural for parents of children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to take all the measure to prevent symptoms of the condition. Changing the diet seems to be a common step taken by them for the same. However, recent research has proven that their efforts might go to vain as no relationship has been found between diet and ADHD symptoms, despite the fact that the affected kids tend to have an improper diet when compared to a normal one.

Trudy Voortman from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands conducted this study and said a poor diet did not have any relation with the intensity of the symptoms of ADHD, irrespective of the fact that it was detected or not. The background information collected from the study revealed that diet has been considered a culprit for quite some time now with parents making sure that they avoided certain food items and nutrient and added supplements to ease out the symptoms.

The study was conducted 3700 children who suffered from ADHD in Rotterdam alone and were aged 6, 8 and 10. The score for dietary quality was given on the basis of the diet the children consumed at the age of 8. Voortman found out that most of the kids who suffered from ADHD had a higher tendency to consume sugary beverages and meat products that were processed. Though the researchers were not completely sure what caused this discrepancy, some believed that it was a direct result of poor self-regulation.

The affected kids avoided a vegetable-rich diet because it did not appeal to their palette which naturally shifted to an unhealthy habit. Some even believed that parents were responsible for it as they tend to pacify the child with these rewards. The evidence obtained was in no way exclusive, though it definitely opened the door for a lot more research with regard to the relationship between diet and ADHD symptoms.

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