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FB Plans An “All-New” Business—Latest Report

A new business of selling and sharing medical prescriptions is arising almost everywhere in the world creating a drug epidemic that is bound to take the lives of many.

Stericycle that had commissioned a 2nd annual study found that 75% of Americans were selling unused prescriptions claiming to promote ‘recreational use’ of drugs for their parents, friends are relatives.  Dr. Joseph Ladapo, an internist working at UCLA Health confirmed such practices being common and being carried out as an ‘act of kindness’.  Josanne Pagel, the executive director of physician assistant services at the Cleveland Clinic Health System had similar opinion further adding that such activities are hard to keep a check on and their numbers can be very high compared to the statistics provided.

The cause of such malpractice is found to be a lack of awareness and education. Stericycle’s data had also revealed that 86% were comfortable to ask their pharmacist or their doctors to dispose of unused prescription while the 2/3 denied any knowledge of this. This shows the willingness of people to eliminate the drug epidemic, says the president and CEO-elect of Stericycle Inc. Pagel says that people disposing of their medication in the trash are not at all helpful as the trash cans are the source of drugs to the drug addicts.

Miller focuses on the need to educate people on proper disposal of unused prescription drugs and that this issue should be handled from all possible angles.

Fortunately, Ladapo has that noticed public awareness increased.  Nowadays people are searching for alternatives for prescribed drugs as a result of various awareness campaigns. Doctors are also playing a vital role by explaining their patients about the drug addiction risks and adverse effects of sharing and selling their unused prescription drugs out of kindness.

Pagel emphasizes on the need to provide disposal bags and instructions on how to dispose of the drugs and has a faith that it can be of great use.

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