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Israel Responds With Airstrike To Gaza’s Cyber Attack

Israel has witnessed a unique battle of physical contact and cyber crime. The country informed that they encountered a cyber attack on Sunday. The cyber attack was started from a compound at Gaza. The attackers were controlling the operation from Hamas. Israel used air strikes to respond to this attack.

IDF or the Israel Defense Forces stated that this attack was targeted at the general public of the country. IDF has denied providing any further details regarding this attack. They just informed that the attack was thwarted online before it attacked the civilians. Gaza is a hotbed of attack by the Hamas militants. They have already launched around 600 rockets in the place. IDF has also responded with hundreds of strikes to prevent them.

There is still a gap in opinion between the international agencies and the military forces across the world regarding when they should be using physical force to stop cyber attacks, which are aimed at the citizens of any country. This incident at Israel will certainly add a new spark to the debate. Even counties like United States are now concerned about the major losses which are being caused by militant cyber attacks. Sometimes these attacks are targeted towards stopping electric supply, water supply and critical infrastructural facilities which might lead to deaths of civilians. The countries are in discussion about how to stop such attacks using the defense forces.

NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organization is one of the pioneers in this regards. The agency has framed some rules and regulations which state how the physical defense units and the cyber battles should collide with each other. NATO started showing interest in this matter after 2007. In this year Russia has damaged the infrastructure and communication facilities of Estonia in its pursuit to stop cyber attacks.

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