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Yale And Japan Researchers Have Answers About Moon

According to many theories, it is believed that a huge object which was somewhat as the size of the mars, had slammed into the earth in the past. It is also believed that the moon is formed from the dislodged debris and material of that same collision.

However, when scientists ran a computer simulation test which was based on the same collision event then they found out that moon might not be the formation of the after effects of the collision because it turned out that moon would have been made even before that huge impact on the earth. Although, the rock pieces which were brought from the Apollo mission have the same formation and elements as there are on earth yet the simulation has given a completely opposite situation to the scientists.

The co-author of a new publish on April 29 in Nature Geoscience, Shun-Ichiro Karato has given an explanation to the new research. He said that the earth was covered with the oceans of melting hot magma, almost after 50 million years of the formation of the sun while the object which impacted the earth was completely a solid material. Thus, Karato and his team ran the simulations based on the same situations.

According to the research, when the object impacted on the earth then a part of hot magma escaped into the orbit and covered the moon which explains why scientists have always found earth material on it. This discovery was possible because in previous models 80% of the moon’s material was made from impacted while in this new model, there was 80% of the proto-earths material and Karate has called it a big key difference.

For the research on compression of molten silicate, Karato has led a team which included RIKEN Centre for Computational Science and Tokyo Institute of Technology. They developed a model which was based on technological computation and it helped to predict how collision and debris created from it, formed the moon.

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