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Chemical Proof Reveals Facts About Milky Way’s Growth

According to scientists’ small galaxies of the universe have a great contribution in the creation of Milky Way. At present astronomers are oblivious about the number of stars that might have originated from dwarf galaxies. Recently, ZHAO Gang pointed out a peculiar star that may have originated from a dwarf galaxy.

During the discovery of the star, scientists used Subaru and LAMOST telescopes. The scientists discovered that the star has a low quantity of magnesium but had a high quantity of heavy metals like gold, uranium, and europium.

While making a press statement ZHAO Gang said that by studying the composition of stars scientists can easily reveal their birthplace. He further said that by studying the star one can infer that it has originated outside the Milky Way.

Scientists got the data about the star from LAMOST telescope; the instrument is capable of undertaking 4000 spectra during a single exposure. Till the present date, the star has acquired 8 million spectra to study the difference between the Milky Way and dwarf galaxies.

During an exclusive press interview, XING Qianfan stated that through LAMOST telescope one can effectively point out the chemical property of a star incepted in a dwarf galaxy. He further said that through the composition of this star scientists can easily make out how the dwarf galaxies evolved. Qianfan also said that stars are formed at a slow pace in a dwarf galaxy.

The slow star formation in the dwarf galaxy could be the reason why these stars differ from that of Milky Way. While addressing the press LI Haining said that for the very first time in history scientists have discovered a star which is rich in dense metals and low on lighter elements. High composition of dense metal vindicates that the star was facing r-process in which metals which are denser than iron are basically formed inside the star.

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