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Google Lens Soon To Recommend What You Must Eat At Restaurants

This week at Google I/O 2019, Google has declared various new inclusions to its image recognition software, Google Lens, which is accessible as an application and is developed into the Google Pixel devices’ cameras.

The largest new inclusion is enhanced support in restaurants for Lens. You can point the camera of your device at a menu, and Lens will highlight popular dishes automatically at the hotel, and choosing separate dishes will display you reviews and photos from Google Maps. Then, when you need to pay, you can point your device at the bill and Google Lens will show a menu to assist you split the bill and calculate a tip.

If you are more interested in making food at home instead of feeding out, then Google Lens can also assist you with Bon Appétit magazine’s recipes, where it will be capable of adding instructional clips to assist you know how to make a dish.

Google Lens is also now able to read out text apart from translating it and capturing it. A short clip demoed how this feature might be employed to assist users who cannot understand or read computer interfaces and signs. The functionality is arriving first to Google Go, the OS meant for low-end handsets, where it will consume almost 100 Kb of memory.

On a related note, Google is making it simpler to snap clear images of documents and receipts. Following on from the AI-based recommended actions functionality revealed out in 2018, which automatically rotates and brightens pictures, the firm is now rolling out a new adjust and crop feature for pics of text-heavy pages and printed goods.

The functionality is pretty analogous to other recommended actions in Google Photos. Snap a pic and the service will distinguish it as a document, providing an “Adjust & Crop” option below it.

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