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Google Manually Evaluated Million Alleged Terrorist Clips On YouTube

In the initial 3 months of this year, Google manually evaluated over a million alleged “terrorist videos” on YouTube, as per media reports. Of those evaluated, it claimed that 90,000 breached its terrorism policy. That means almost 9% of the million videos were eliminated, recommending that either the procedure that flags them for evaluation is a bit of a catchall, or the clips must be rather severe to get removed.

The search behemoth shared these figures with a US House committee this week. The firm also claimed that it has over 10,000 individuals operating on content evaluation, and it invests millions of dollars on those efforts per year. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have been asked to disclose their budgets for counter terrorism efforts, but placing a figure on that proves to be complicated. The “millions of dollars” forecast from Google is the nearest thing to a response that we have witnessed so far.

The New Zealand Christchurch shooting has added stress for the social media services to regulate content. As we witnessed previously this spring, a clips was uploaded on YouTube in the weekend at a rate of one per second after the incident. Since then, Australia has made a legislation to hold social media firms responsible for eliminating violent content, and the EU is mulling over laws that might need terrorist content be eliminated within an hour of notice. To meet such protocols, Google will possibly require a system that more precisely flags clips for manual evaluation.

On a related note, Susan Wojcicki (YouTube chief) has responded for the increasing worries about how it manages content, comprising who receives the most desirable promotions. She claimed that the “Trending” segment tended to rehash videos “repeatedly,” and vowed that the platform might have “minimum 50%” of its trending clips arrive from YouTubers, with the remaining belonging to conventional and music outlets. The firm was already close to that objective, Wojcicki claimed, but it might “extend on” that target.

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