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Delta To Test Free Wi-Fi This Month In Its Flights

Delta Air Lines will trial providing free Wi-Fi this month on 55 local everyday flights. The trials will begin this week and will continue for the rest of the coming two weeks, and they will let consumers to do just about everything apart from streaming video free of cost. Delta names the trials the “first measure towards realizing its dream” of providing in-flight, free Wi-Fi, although it confesses that there will possibly be “various more” stages before any actual launch out takes places. Presently, JetBlue is the only airline in the US that provides free Wi-Fi.

While it has not dubbed the particular routes it will operate the trial on, Delta claims medium, short, and long-haul routes are added. Users who have tickets on the trial flights will be alerted before time either by the firm’s mobile app or via email. Providing free Wi-Fi is a “highly complex” issue to solve in the air, as per Delta, likely because eliminating charges can dramatically elevate the number of users who employ it, which, in return, might stress the connection of the plane.

On a related note, in middle of a number of Microsoft declaration, earlier Delta Air Lines planned to employ the Surface 2 in its 11,000 pilots’ EFB (electronic flight bag). Delta aims to set up the gadgets operating on Windows RT, which will offer an electronic substitute to the standard 35–40 Pounds of charts and paper documents employed earlier.

In a statement with a Delta pilot, media claims that the pilots are not happy with the move of the Surface 2 devices over the iPad.

Delta’s launch of the Surface 2 to pilots is reliant on the approval by FAA for these devices. Microsoft only declared the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2, hence Delta aims “a widespread trialing period onboard the Boeing 767 and Boeing 757,” claimed media.

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