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HTC To Roll Out An Affordable Blockchain Handset Later This Year

HTC is very serious about its raid into crypto-handsets. This week, the Taiwanese firm declared the Exodus 1s, an affordable variant of the Exodus flagship that was rolled out previous year. We do not know much about the mid-range handsets beyond its cost—somewhere in the range of $250—300, as per a spokesperson—and its launch date, which is presently projected for “the end of quarter three.” The basic specifications, comprising its display, processor, and camera setup, are all an anonymity for now.

HTC has disclosed one tantalizing detail, although: the phone will also act as a full node. That indicates the handset can act as one of the distributed points that relay and authenticate payments on the blockchain for Bitcoin. It will not be capable of mining any cryptocurrency, but the Decentralized Chief Officer at HTC (Phil Chen) claimed to the media that it has “associates to declare that will provide hash rates to perform so.” HTC expects the handset will appeal to users who are interested about cryptocurrency and wish to give public support for blockchains.

“There is a lack of full nodes in the system,” Chen claimed. “By taking an extra long-term, ecosystem viewpoint as a device maker we think that we can assist develop this network for app creators which in turn might advantage everybody employing Bitcoin.”

On a related note, HTC earlier rolled out a VR video platform of its own on third birthday of Vive, and it will even operate on headsets of its competitors. The new service dubbed as Viveport Video will offer you access to a collection of not just 180- and 360-degree clips, but also 2D videos, in a traditional VR atmosphere. It is now accessible as a free download on Steam and Viveport, and it will shortly be out on the Oculus store.

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