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Boeing’s ‘Future’, 737 Max Still Grounded, Report

The fate of Boeing’s 737 Max hangs in balance as it awaits a clearance from the world’s aviation regulators.

This time round, the global aviators having lost faith in FAA and doubting their certification procedure for the 737 Max, it will not be a smooth path for Boeing.

A software glitch with regard to the plane’s automatic safety feature which could have led to the two fatal crashes in recent times is the cause for worry and is being investigated into. The FAA too has come under the scanner of the Congress and Department of Transportation for certifying the airborne safety of the plane.

Meanwhile Boeing is bearing the brunt of the grounding of its top-selling plane. Order booking for the 737 Max has been stopped and reimbursements are being made to airlines that have needed to make alternate arrangements. The previous quarter’s Profits for the company dropped by 21% for the previous quarter. Monies running into $1 billion have been paid to rectify the software glitch. However, obtaining a certification from U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the software fix will not be all as global aviation authorities won’t be toeing the line of the FAA.

And any delay on the part of global aviation regulators will prove very costly to Boeing.

A meeting of the Joint Authorities Technical Review comprising representatives from nine countries met at Seattle for a discussion on issues related to the 737 Max. The FAA’s certification procedure for 737 Max was the focus of discussion. Boeing and FAA were also a part of the meeting. Boeing was quite confident about the outcome. Chris Hart, head of the review committee however, was not very hopeful of a quick global approval for the airplane.

It will be a mammoth task for Boeing to get its ‘cash cow’ up and flying high around the world.

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