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New Approach To Relieve Acne Effects—Study

A report has revealed that acne is causing miserable conditions among teens and adults. A recent report said that they have got an idea for dealing with this situation. William Esler, the leader of the researcher’s team explained that the reason behind this problem is sebum, which is skin oil produced naturally from skin.

The team of researchers said that Sebum is very beneficial for the health of the skin because it repels microbes and helps in regulating the temperature of the body, but at the same time excessive production of sebum can result in the formation of acne. The dermatologist of the hospital of Huntington, Dr. Raman Madan said that when excessive sebum gets produced it gets trapped inside the glands which further results in swelling and bump below the skin surface.

Madan said that for treating people suffering from acne problems, it will be a nice approach to know that acne can get decreased by decreasing the production of sebum from the skin. This research was done on 22 volunteers using the microscopic examination technique over the skin. Through this research, the team of Esler discovered that the production of sebum is dependent on the DNL pathway, which is a molecular mechanism.

The research showed that out of 22 people having acne, nine people showed a huge difference in comparison to normal skin people, as these nine people had risen in de novo lipogenesis pathway fluctuations which resulted in high production of sebum.

While performing the research, the team of Esler went through many processes and steps. During another step of the experiment, the group of Esler worked on the formation of a compound which has the capability to target the enzyme present in the pathway. The researchers’ team said that these are early experiments and they are still working on the compound that can curb acne and sebum.

Madan said that their approach has the potential to put changes in acne prone skin but at the same time he cautioned about the treatment not to be considered a cure.

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