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About Us

Acknowledging the need to stay updated with loads of information generated on a daily basis from across the world, we at Industry News USA, attempt to present all the vital information under one roof. And also we know how much time is important for all of us, thus, at Industry News USA, we broadcast blogs and news articles in a well-versed and succinct way to our audiences.

Our main area of focus is to bring up this portal is to keep our readers informed and updated regarding all the most recent and valuable details and information regarding all the breakthroughs, inventions, launches, discoveries, and much more from all over the globe. Within this portal, one can find facts and figures as well as news and trends associated with the domains of Technology, Science, Health, and Business.

We also try to use pictorial depictions in our reports and articles presented on this portal to make it simple to comprehend and also to be grasped easily by our readers. On top of this, we would be delighted to get insights from you as well. We would cheerfully welcome your opinions and viewpoints on the published reports & articles and also would be happy to publish your articles comprising recent trends in your specific field and domain.

Moreover, our portal can be utilized as a means to bring a new personality into the attention of the world and not merely the proclamations of the self-proclaimed or impregnable experts. We, at Industry News USA, make attempts to make the blogs and articles motivating and exciting, such that the readers feel satisfied with provided information and provide insights into their linked fields in preference to producing a static and incontrovertible expert column.

So, let us all work mutually and walk hand-in-hand to offer the best of accessible knowledge to the audiences from all around the world.

Fritz  Shaffer

Fritz Shaffer

Lead Editor
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David Lamy

Sr. Content Writer
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Vanessa Boone

Editor & Author
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Norma Russell