White Truffles suffering due to the rising temperatures

White Truffles suffering due to the rising temperatures

The rising temperatures all around the globe have worried the truffle hunter across the town of Alba in Italy. This is where some of the most prized specimens have the ability to fetch a price which is twice of gold.

In an October which has been particularly warm, 8 out of the 10 white truffles which had been unearthed turned out to be dark. These were unearthed by Carlo Olivero along with this dog. They were dried and withered out too.

He calls these clear signs of the rising temperatures. He says that the ones he unearthed, he consigned to soil in order to allow the spreading of the spores and future production replenishment.

Alba which is located in north-western regions of Piedmont has been called as the capital of the world when it comes to white truffles for its fragrant variety of white truffles. The truffle fair which is held each year in fall pushes the prices up significantly of tuber magnatumpico.

In this year’s auction, a truffle which weighed 1,005 grams had fetched as many as 120,000 euros which is two times gold’s price. It had been purchased by a Hong Kong buyer.

The impact of the temperature rise is being studied still. The long term impact on the high prized truffles needs more research. However like the other fungi, they grow best in the rainy, cool conditions.  Due to climate change, the production peak has been delayed as it was supposed to happen October onwards through to November.

The experts who study it have said that it has been few years since they have been worried about the production of truffles.

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