Whooping cough spreading across school children

Whooping cough spreading across school children

There have been many cases of pertussis which is more commonly called whooping cough have been confirmed in the age group of school children across the Buncombe County.

The Health and Human Service of the county wanted the community to know that public health officials, schools and the health care providers have been working towards the identification and treatment of the individuals who have been suspected of undergoing pertussis.

The officials have asked the help of the community to stop this spread of the contagious disease.

The director of the services Dr Jennifer Mullendore has said that there are a few key steps which can help in the protection against the disease.

Mullendore has said that the best way to prevent this disease is by immunization. They have encouraged all the adults and children to catch up with their immunizations of pertussis. Also they said that if they or their child have symptoms that is cough which lasts a minimum of 2 weeks or other severe fits of coughing or a whooping sound when they breathe they should contact their nearest health care practitioner. Anyone who has the symptoms must stay indoors. They should not move out until they have had 5 days. Other things to be done include hand sanitizers, frequent washing of hands, covering of nose and mouth to prevent the spread of this illness. For the immunization, nearest health care provider must be contacted.

Mullendore further added that they want everyone to know that the infection can be very serious especially in babies who can even get hospitalized due to the infection. They also stressed on immunization for keeping family and themselves safe.

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