Pringles Developed A Ridiculous Gaming Device That Feeds You Chips

Pringles Developed A Ridiculous Gaming Device That Feeds You Chips

When one is deeply involved in a game, human requirements fade into the background until extremely required. So how does an individual in that exact moment balance their both priorities of managing their hunger and making in-game progress? Well, the answer by Pringles was to 3D print a series of elements and add them onto a Razer gaming device so that a mechanical arm swivels into place before a user’s mouth with a fragile potato crisp balanced enticingly upon it.

Pringles are vaguely, insubstantial, potato-flavored wisps of air crowded into a tube. Their snackability proportion is high, but is anybody ever actually content after consuming these things? And as you may have already presumed, the Hunger Hammer is deliberately ridiculous as a fixture to gobbling while gaming, not to cite pretty dreadful at what it is intended to do.

It is, though, hilarious, which makes it very much precious if you are:

  • a writer at the office making an effort to liven up a day or
  • a firm making an effort to make nice with users to market a partnership with a new game

By now, it might be obvious to anybody that the Hunger Hammer is not intended to be considered seriously. It is a gag! But since it copes with snacking, a subject very near to gamers’ heart, they have no option but to consider it seriously.

The Pringles users referred to the device as a “beta sample” to assist set anticipations, and the label surely fits. Yes, the device operates for games. And yes, that fragile arm does catch a Pringle into the normal area of your mouth. The limitations are many, although. It is shockingly loud, which does not appear great when you are trying to actually get in the zone.

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