Carfentanil Is The New Drug Getting Popular Among The Druggies

Carfentanil Is The New Drug Getting Popular Among The Druggies

A new study has shown a new synthetic drug to be 100 times stronger than fentanyl. And this new drug is found to cause distress as the health officials are already trying their best to gain control over the deadly opioid crisis that is still prevalent in many of the countries. Carfentanil is a new drug that is causing concern now. It is a drug that is generally used as a tranquilizer for large mammals and the best part is that it is found to be 10,000 times potent than morphine. The drug is already declared as a lethal product in New Hampshire and Maryland.

The drug is currently being used as a synthetic opioid and it has started worrying the health officials as the side effects could be unimaginable. In Queens DA, the officials there seized the largest quantity of carfentanil. Around 11 Pounds of the drug was seized during the trafficking operation that was carried from California to New York. Along with carfentanil they also seized fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin. The Long Island officials have stated that they have not found the presence of carfentanil till date. Looking at the lethality rate, 11 Pounds of seizure of that opioid means it could literally wipe the entire population consuming it.

Likewise, as the carfentanil cases are found to be increasing, the George Whitesides postdoctoral scholar Christoffer Abrahamsson along with his colleagues designed a new chemical analysis tool for drug identification. They developed a technology named Magneto-Archimedes Levitation (MagLev) using density-separation technology. The device can help lower false-positives & negatives and detect even the slightest amount of potent fentanyl or other harmful powders. The new tool is found to have the ability to separate 7 drugs all at once and even drugs with larger densities. The law enforcement can rely on the results provided by the tool owing to its accuracy and efficiency.

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