3D Aerial Maps Generated In Minutes With Army Photogrammetry Technique

3D Aerial Maps Generated In Minutes With Army Photogrammetry Technique

In military matters, aerial imagery is an ordinary asset, however, 3D maps can be hard to gather on short notice with no dedicated tools. Nevertheless, this latest photogrammetry method from the Army Corps of Engineers can make precise 3D maps in merely minutes from normal aerial footage. Photogrammetry is the method of comparing numerous images of the identical item or site to generate a 3D map of it. It is a recognized technique but, in a few instances, is still dependable on human intelligence to decide, for example, which video frames should be utilized to generate the best outcome.

Ricky Massaro from the Virginia-based Army’s Geospatial Research Laboratory has toned down that issue and generated a highly proficient photogrammetric technique that can convert aerial images into precise 3D surface maps with no human supervision in near real-time. The system was validated by the 101st Airborne, wherein the drone was winged over Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and a mock city utilized for training exercises was mapped by it. Also, it was used for non-combat purposes in Iraq. Thus, this is not fixed in a lab somewhere—it is been used and is being revealed as the patent filing is done and now the Army is in discussion to commercialize it.

The ground-based or lidar mapping systems won’t be swapped by the real-time photogrammetry, but work together with them. Being capable of generating correct depth from usual aerial images and with no need to transmit tons of information to a central site or engage human specialists, makes it malleable to a range of situations.

Likewise, an intergovernmental deal between the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and the City of Longmont was given a green signal at the November 12 Longmont City Council. The pact entrusts Longmont to take part in the 2020 Denver Regional Aerial Photography Project (DRAPP), an assignment that Longmont has take part in since 2004.

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