Google Maps To Assist You Explore Cities By Following Local Guides

Google Maps To Assist You Explore Cities By Following Local Guides

Google has a new plan for assisting you to find new restaurants: it is getting some of its most lively contributors to help you out and find restaurants. The search company has revealed a test function that will allow you follow top Local Guides to see where they are going and what they suggest. Click “follow” and you will see their suggestions both in the map view as well as in the For You tab. If all goes as per the plan, you can see the best destinations to eat in an unfamiliar place by following a user who is well aware of all the out-of-the-way places to eat.

The test rolls out “shortly” in 9 cities all over the world, comprising Delhi, Bangkok, Mexico City, London, Osaka, New York City, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, and Tokyo. It can be a long time before you can just presume there is a suitable guide wherever you wish to go. Nevertheless, this may be very helpful if you would rather read the advice of veteran foodie rather than trusting on an abstract star rating for your dinner plans.

On a related note, being one of the most recognized rock songs in the western areas, Bohemian Rhapsody has been seen over a billion times alone on YouTube. It is likely that pretty much everybody has had at least one try at mimicking the unique vocal delivery of singer Freddie Mercury. Now, Queen, Google, and UMG have joined hands to develop the FreddieMeter, a system to decide how near you can get to the voice of Mercury.

FreddieMeter is a joint venture between Google’s Creative Lab, the band, and the different record labels comprised. It has been developed to study the voice of a person to view how their timbre, pitch, and melody perform against Mercury’s own.

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