Digital Currency Markets Shows Signs Of Recuperation

Digital Currency Markets Shows Signs Of Recuperation

Recent reports have shown the crypto markets to be slowly recovering, while the bitcoin (BTC) is found to reach its $8,500 price mark. The largest cryptocurrency has been found to be dodging between $8,500 and $8,600 but it still managed to jump past the $8,700 price mark in recent hours. As per the current reports, bitcoin is found to be trading at a price of $8,515 with limited gains of 0.32%. It was seen to break its $9,000 price level on November 15, 2019, but later on, the digital currency was found to fall below $8,600 and it remained like that for some time. There are hopes that the returns may turn positive reaching up the $8,800 bar.

In the case of ether (ETH), $183 per coin is the current value. However, altcoin and bitcoin continue to move in perfect sync such that the price behavior only seems to be climbing up the trading position by 0.73%. The third-largest coin, XRP, has been showing a drop in the past few days. There are hopes that the digital currency is showing minor signs of recovery with the gains of almost 0.45%. XRP’s current value is $0.261 per coin. Almost 20 coins are showing green signal and Maker (MKR) seems to be taking the topmost position by showing a gain of almost 7%. Cardano (ADA) showcases growth of more than 4% on the day until a trade at $0.046 per coin. The coins are showing a growth of almost 2% on the day, while Chainlink (LINK) is found to plunge by 3%. The cryptocurrency market shows a gain of $237.8 Billion from which 65.65% is made by Bitcoin.

Likewise, Google has announced that it has developed quantum supremacy which can be used to break down the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. The tech companies’ interest in cryptocurrency seems to have boosted the bitcoin price this year. Google along with the US banking leader Citigroup has planned to develop a full-fledged smart checking bank account using Google Pay to put pressure on bitcoin developers to advance their user experience and tackle redundancy.

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