ByteDance Might Be Setting Up A Streaming Music Service

ByteDance Might Be Setting Up A Streaming Music Service

The owner of TikTok still is not done dipping its hands into other segments. Media sources state that ByteDance is aiming a streaming on-demand music platform with, as you may hope for, a social media firm. The app might supposedly add a series of searchable, short video clips you might sync to music and share with your buddies. It is also set to cost no more than the monthly $10 Apple, Spotify, and others usually charge for their all-you-can-stream services.

ByteDance is claimed to still be in discussions with Universal, Sony, and Warner to permit their music lists for the offering. On the other hand, it may come sooner as compared to what you think. It is said to be rolling out as early as December in nations such as India, Brazil, and Indonesia. Service in the US is also arriving, the sources claimed, even though it would not be ready until sometime next year.

The firm refused to answer media questions.

It would not be out of the question for ByteDance to begin an offering. TikTok might have a ready-made user base with over 1 Billion consumers, and music plays a key role in its achievement—just look at the quantity of dance clips and shuffle tutorials. The challenge might be to stand out when a number of those users already have accounts on streaming music services. The social connection and a lower cost might assist, but getting users to switch might still be hard if consumers are comfortable with what they already have.

On a related note, TikTok might have a terrorism issue. Earlier, as per media reports, militants of Islamic State have been posting small propaganda videos on the service. That is particularly concerning since TikTok is so well-liked with impressionable teens.

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