OU Medicine Researcher To Examine Ill-Effects Of Vaping Amongst Youth

OU Medicine Researcher To Examine Ill-Effects Of Vaping Amongst Youth

The youth out there in college campuses is going wild on vaping. Various new vaping devices along with e-cigarettes such as personal vaporizers (MODS), vape pens are the prominent sources used in vaping. The researcher from OU Medicine is going to research on the devices and their respective ill-effects during vaping on young adults soon.

As per the press release from Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center (OTRC), Alayna Tackett—researcher, OTRC, Stephen Cancer Center— has been awarded with a grant—worth $983,190 by the National institute of Health (NIH)— to study the ill-effects of vaping. This five-year grant will help Tackett to research about respiratory consequences of vaping on young generation.

According to Public Health Discussion’s April column by Anshule Takyar—student health consultant—details of college student involved in vaping will be beneficial for the research. Researches and studies like these may increase the currently available information.

Tackett explained the procedures of research tests. The tests will be conducted on youth between ages 15–21. The study will focus on knowing the impacts of vaping on respiratory system varying from users to non-users of e-cigarettes.

According to Tackett, FDA has not yet approved or regulated most of the currently available e-cigarette products. Her study may help FDA in realizing the ill-effects of vaping and will also give them the idea about the products to be regulated.

As per the report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 21% people of age 18–20and nearly 16% under age 18 were founded with lung injuries due to excess use of vaping and e-cigarettes. Norman Public Schools (NPS) administered a Curriculum regarding nicotine and tobacco prevention. According to school district’s website, the curriculum is implemented to teach the K-12 students the dangers of cancer-causing substances consumption.

According to Jeremy Moad—OU Medical Center, Edmond— most of the youth has already faced the disease. He expressed his concerns as the excess vaping may cause major lungs damages.


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