Slow Websites Soon To Be Rewarded With Shame Badge By Google

Slow Websites Soon To Be Rewarded With Shame Badge By Google

The websites which usually take long time to load are one of the most irritating things one can find out on internet. Despite having good hardware support and strong network strength, slow loading of websites is an all-time nasty issue of the internet.

In a recent blog post on its official site, Chrome team has announced about a new feature to be launched soon to deal with the issue. The post explained about the moves by Google to develop the feature. The feature is all about an allocation of a badge —Shame badge— to the slowly loading websites in Chrome web browser. The badge will help to identify the sites which usually take longer to load in the browser. Chrome team said that the clear badging will be helpful in differentiating between sites which load faster or slower in Chrome. The team will further explore to flag the sites that take it longer to load because of fault in one’s network or device and hardware specifications.

As a part of the experiment, Google is planning to design a loading bar or splash screen to inform user about loading speed of a sate. If the screen turns green, it means the site loads faster whereas it will flash red in slow loading scenario. The team aims to develop and launch the bar soon so that it can improve the current user experience. Chrome is planning to work on developing speed badging with its collaborative developer teams which help Chrome to categorize the experiences based on the service quality of Google.

In its two-day Chrome Dev Summit —held at San Francisco—aimed for planning the betterment of modern Web, Google announced the plans for speed badging feature.

As the announcement by Google was worded with many ‘may’ statements, it seems that Google is relying upon developers’ feedback about the feature before any progresses are made.

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