FDA issues warning to Dollar tree over sale of unsafe drugs

FDA issues warning to Dollar tree over sale of unsafe drugs

The FDA or Food and Drug Administration have said that Dollar Tree might be engaged in the sale of cosmetics and drugs which are unsafe.

The authorities have given a warning to the discount chain with about selling the drugs that come from foreign manufacturers over the counter. They say that these drugs might be unsafe potentially.

FDA had earlier in the month sent a letter warning Greenbrier International that is an organization which is engaged in business with Dollar Tree. They said that the receipts of Dollar tree of drugs which are adulterated from the suppliers had received different warnings from FDA and had been placed on alert when it comes to importing them. The products also included the acne treatment pads and the drugs from brand Assured.

The letter from FDA says that some of these products are coming from the companies overseas and have been violating the law such as not getting the raw materials or drugs tested.

The FDA even said that among one of the companies which Dollar Tree contacted had faeces found from rodents in their manufacturing facility.

Nidhi Mohan who is of the New Island Pharmacy said that any of the products which are generic and have been procured from countries where regulations are not there might be at a risk of having anything in them.

Mohan even said that when the sale happens over the counter, it is best for the buyer to buy from a pharmacist whom they know is being regulated by government rules.

Dollar Tree in a statement refuted the claims and said that their products are safe for the consumers as they have been tested at a very high level.

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